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Traceability printing allows specific products to be assigned a unique identifier that enables companies to track them all the way through the supply chain to final shelving in stores. Backed by our commitment to close customer collaboration, Creative Labels, Inc. is proud to offer a variety of traceability solutions.
Creative Labels offers a wide variety of label materials including tamperproof, destructible and tamper-evident films and papers. A number of finishes are available as well including matte, semi-gloss, high gloss and holographic to name a few. There are also special “security” laminates available.

Common Traceability Applications

Traceability plays an essential role in product safety and can dramatically speed up a recall process. It allows distribution or store level workers to easily identify and remove products that may be unsafe for use or human consumption.

Brand protection is implemented to protect both the consumer and the brand from counterfeit goods. This is a global problem and affects over twenty-five market sectors. These products are “at risk” from threats such as counterfeiting, diversion, tampering and theft. It is important to understand that security and traceability labeling in isolation cannot protect products from attacks. It can though diminish the treat. Each distribution point can verify if they have received the proper codes shipped to that location and when other protective printing measures are incorporated along with the codes or serial numbers, the level of protection is improved.

Electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, wine and spirits and other high-end consumer products are at risk. Aside from being able to determine the origin of a product, allowing issues to be addressed quickly in order to protect public health and safety, traceability solutions offer other advantages as well. These initiatives can limit losses and allow for a higher degree of consumer trust.

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Creative Labels has built a reputation of not only meeting, but exceeding customer expectations. By taking the time to understand our customer’s objectives and the application, our experienced team will bring solutions that fit each unique application. To learn more about our traceability and brand protection printing options, reach out to our team today.