The team at Creative Labels has nearly 40 years of experience in creating high-quality labels that exceed the expectations of our clients. We’re committed to maintaining our reputation as one of the most trustworthy and reliable labeling providers in the industry. 

Regulatory shifts and legalization efforts nationwide have turned the cannabis sector into a booming industry. Packaging regulations and requirements are central to cannabis industry, so trustworthy packaging providers are critical to growth in the sector. Cannabis distributors require packaging and labeling solutions that positively represent their brands while still adhering to a variety of federal, state, and local regulations. 

Types of Labels   

Creative Labels offers a myriad of custom sizes and shapes for labels, and we can accommodate nearly any production schedule or production run size. Our printing services include an expansive range of colors and specialty die-cutting services are available. Our labeling products and accessories include:

  • Barcode labels  
  • Container labels 
  • Coupons
  • Decals
  • Label dispensers
  • Medical labels
  • Thermal transfer printers, ribbons, and accessories
  • Sequentially numbered labels

With our prime labeling services, we handle the printing of all available fixed data onto labels in advance and can also handle variable content as well when needed.  For cannabis clients though, with a thermal transfer printer, they only need to worry about printing fluctuating data—such as lab results—at their own site. This type of labeling is ideal for many cannabis operations. While much of the regulatory and general product information will be the same and can be printed in advance, different strains may require more specific information to keep customers or patients informed about what they are buying.  

Our labeling recommendations also follow the guidelines put forth by the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation, including:

  • Font sizes and styles
  • Licensee information
  • Ingredient lists
  • Allergen labeling
  • Cannabis facts panels
  • Warning statements
  • Contaminant testing statements

Label Regulations/Compliance

As of 4-18-2018

The Creative Labels team works to stay abreast the legal labeling requirements for cannabis products in California and surrounding states. As legalization occurs only on the state level, each state sets different guidelines and standards for cannabis packaging and marketing. For example:


California law requires that cannabis product labels:

  • Clearly identify the product as a cannabis product
  • Do not contain designs that may appeal to children
  • Include government warning labels as determined by the State Department of Public Health in bold print
  • The net weight of cannabis within the package
  • Include the location and date of cultivation, manufacturing, and packaging
  • Separately identify medical cannabis products
  • A statement that cannabis is a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law


Oregon state cannabis labeling laws are separated by product type, including:

  • Marijuana immature plant
  • Marijuana seed
  • Usable marijuana
  • Cannabinoid topical
  • Cannabinoid edible
  • Cannabinoid concentrates and extracts

In general, cannabis labels in Oregon must include:

  • The business name of the grower/producer
  • The name of the cannabis strain
  • Names of any additional licensees involved in packaging or manufacturing
  • UID number
  • Harvest date
  • TCH/CBD concentration percentages
  • Nutritional/ingredients data on edibles
  • Serving sizes and amounts on extracts and edibles
  • A note stating that the product is not FDA-approved for treating any medical condition


Nevada cannabis product labels must adhere to the following rules:

  • Clearly labeled with the words “THIS IS A MARIJUANA PRODUCT” in bold type and capital letters
  • Must not be labeled in similar ways to products marketed to children
  • Labels on products sold to retailers must contain batch numbers, lot number, harvest dates, testing dates, packaging dates, expiration dates, and cannabinoid profiles
  • All text must be 8-point font or larger
  • Text may not be in italics

For more information on Creative Labels and how we can help you with effective cannabis labeling that complies with your state regulations, please contact us or request a quote.