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Barcode and serialization

Variable data printing, also called database-driven printing is a form of digital printing in which text, bar codes, QR codes, or images can be changed on each label or from one batch of labels to the next. This often is used to change Product information and the bar code when the rest of the label or tag remains the same. This form of printing allows the printing press to run continuously without stopping for changes, reducing run time and costs for our customers.

The best example of a “Win/Win” would be header tags we produce for a plumbing supply company. What used to require separate printing plates for several hundred different products, now still prints on our flexo press to produce their multi-color tag, but the product information, images and barcodes are now all printed digitally with our variable digital unit which has been added to this press.This particular print job used to take weeks to get ready for the press, pulling all the printing plates or make new ones for new items, and then it would be on press for over a month. This method required much higher minimums for each item and there could be several hundred for each sized tag. With variable capabilities, we now can change copies on the fly. We’ve reduced the run time down to a week, are able to allow smaller batches of each item to be printed, eliminated the cost of printing plates for all these products and were able to dramatically reduce our customer’s costs.

QR Code Smart Label

Common Applications for Variable Printing

Creative Labels offers serialization with or without barcodes and also codes from a data base. They can be sequenced in different formats with a wide variety of types of codes. Many of these codes are used for track and trace for produce but others are used as packer numbers to identify piece work in the field or packing shed. Serial numbers may be provided also for various other applications and may include scratch off characteristics as well. Asset tags and serial model number decals can be produced this way as well. These labels are essential elements in electronics, pharma or nutraceutical, dispensary, and other high ticket items.

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