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During the rotary die cutting process, a cylindrical die is placed on a rotary press, and any material available in rolls, including label stocks can be die cut into special shapes for specific applications. Materials for our presses must be a maximum of 12 mil in thickness. Flexible rotary tooling can be used for thinner materials, reducing tooling costs dramatically, especially for some of the lower quantity items.

Led by our commitment to industry-leading customer service, the team at Creative Labels will work with you to determine what options are available.

Die Cutting Methods and Options

Creative Labels uses rotary, semi-rotary, and flat bed die cutting methods for some applications. These services can also include print of course and printing can be provided on both sides of the die cut part.

For label printing applications, a wide variety of materials are available, including semi-gloss, thermal transfer, and direct thermal paper; clear and white films; clear and white vinyl; polypropylene film; specialty wine stocks; tamper-proof security film; and specialty materials. If the material is available and is under 12 mil in thickness, rotary die cutting works especially well. Flexible dies used with magnetic cylinders can greatly reduce tooling costs. If needed, these dies are available in as little as three to four days.
Creative Labels’ capabilities don’t end there. We also offer various secondary services, including product development, brand protection solutions, test runs, serialization, laminating, shrink wrapping, packaging, and logistical support.

Common Applications for Rotary Die Cutting

Custom labels are created using rotary die cutting capabilities. Besides labels though, there are many applications for die cut parts that can be provided using a flexographic rotary press with rotary die cutting capabilities. These presses have multiple die cutting stations in line so more than one process can be done in one pass including outer and internal cuts, perforations and sheeting as well.

The Benefits of Rotary Die Cutting

There are a number of benefits offered by rotary die cutting. Firstly, a consistent, precise cut is achieved every time, and high-volume projects can be easily accommodated. Rotary die cutting is ideal for smaller products, and produces less waste than comparable methods. Turnaround times are usually very quick as well. Offering great versatility, rotary die cutting can be paired with other processes, including printing, coating, embossing, and laminating.

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Since 1980, Creative Labels has been serving clients in a wide range of industries across the United States. Specializing in custom label printing. We realized though that there is a great demand for specialty die cutting and our presses are set up to accommodate your needs.
To learn more about our rotary die cutting services and discuss options for your unique project, contact the team today.


Rotary Die Cutting

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Rotary Die Cutting