Vacation over? We’ve missed you… hopefully you’ve enjoyed some vacation time, whether traveling or relaxing, whether for just a few days or longer. We too have taken turns covering for each other and sharing stories together over lunch or coffee.
During our summer time, we finished our new digital press room and our second Epson Digital press is being put into service this week.

Our Certification process to become a provider of SigNature DNA to protect your brands is close to being tested and finalized. There is more to come next month, on this exciting technology.

Being part of a company that welcomes change and new technologies is exciting. Something new is always in the mix because we thrive on raising the bar.

Let there be LIGHT We continue to use less energy

We’re committed to the environment.

During the summer, we hired an energy expert who was able to install brighter lighting in our production area while reducing the energy needed at the same time. Wow! What a difference this simple improvement has made.

If you’d like the name of the company we worked with please call Christine. They got a good portion of the improvements covered by Ecology Action 888-846-5050 or PG&, reducing our cost of the improvements by over 50%.

What a win/win. ROI on this improvement is less than a year with reduced energy costs plus the “feel good” benefit of reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint.
Did you know we invested in solar power several years ago? At that time it was the largest solar installation in Gilroy.

Want more info on how we did this? Call and ask to speak to Christine at the number below.