The last few weeks before the record breaking Pack Expo event were crazy! There were over 28,000 visitors and counting exhibitors the show totaled 45,310 attendees.
There were tons of new product launches and information to gather for all attendees. We were there to grow our business and learn, which is what we did.

Unequaled Brand Protection with no high upfront costs.

We had the pleasure of announcing our certification as a print partner for Applied DNA Science (Press Release). This enables us to provide a low cost “Brand Protection solution” that outshines everything on the market.
Our Botanical Signature DNA can’t be duplicated and has even been approved by the Federal Government. You have the option to use Creative Label’s own Signature or purchase one unique to your company.


Creative Labels is now a distributor for the Epson Color Works C7500 printer and can furnish you the supplies as well.

It’s very well suited for personalized wedding labels and private labeling for a business, but we’re sure you’ll find many more uses for it.

We’re considering setting one up in our own plant for very short runs using pre-diecut labels in a limited number of sizes. Would this benefit you? We’d like your comments and questions. .